It was PDG Brigg Young, when he was Governor of District 330 for RY 1964-65, who conceived the idea of the formation of a second Rotary Club in Kuala Lumpur.  Thus in 1966, when the RC of Kuala Lumpur agreed to release territorial rights, the RC of Pudu was born and officially chartered — on 5 Dec 1966 to be exact. 
Initial membership was 24 with Douglas A. Fraser as the Charter President. The Club grew slowly in size: in July 1974 the membership was 39, in June 1991 it was 52. On 8 Jan 1996 it admitted the third lady Rotarian. Now in 2014 we have eight. To-date we have 47 Past Presidents of whom seven have since passed away. We also have five Honorary Members (two of whom were Past Presidents of the Club.) 
The weekly Monday luncheon meeting place was initially at the Town House Hotel but soon moved to Hotel Malaya in 1967.  As from 7 July 1975 the meeting place moved to Holiday Inn on the Park and stayed there for 24 years; but then on 17 May 1999 we had to shift to the Shangri-la Hotel (because the Holiday Inn stopped operation.) We have been meeting at “The Shang” every Monday lunchtime ever since.
Before the Internet age communication was with the old telephones and fax machines. But with the advancement in Information Communication Technology (ICT) the Club embarked on having its own website.  Thus its creation on 11 February, 1996 was the first in the District. The website survived to this day, with appropriate revamps in keeping with advancing technology; and hosted locally under the domain of http://www.rotarypudu.org.my.
The Club also published its own weekly bulletin — the “Berita Pudu” — since way back in the 1990s. However, hard copy prints proved to be a costly affair especially when sponsors/advertisers withdrew their support. So in RY 2013-14 we went fully digital; with the “Berita Pudu” appearing weekly without fail on the Club website with page-flipping animation, to boot. This innovation won the Club the Best eBulletin Award for RY 2013-14.  Likewise we won the Best Website Award besides several other performance awards for the year mentioned. 
And as of 1 July 2014, we migrated to a new “cloud-based” website hosted by ClubRunner. This is to allow members of the Club to participate in its information update.  The intention was for the webmaster to not be the central figure for the authoring of its content.  With ClubRunner, Club members, especially Club officers, are empowered to post  stories/news, documents, pictures etc into the website.  Thus the longevity of the website would be assured.